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Feb 15, 2024

Additional "Docs" theme options and more

Today's update mainly focuses on our "Docs" theme. We added new options, tweaked a few things and improved the performance.

Custom copyright notice

As of today, it is possible to provide a custom copyright notice. The default looks something like this:

© 2024 Workspace One

So essentially the copyright sign, current year and the name of the workspace. You are now free to put whatever you like there. So something like © 2020-2024 Miller Co. is now possible. You can use the placeholder ###YEAR### to insert the current year. The copyright notice can be changed in the "General" workspace settings. This change applies to both themes.

Disable table of contents

We also added an option to disable the table of contents for the "Docs" theme. Many like it, many don't. If you decide to disable the TOC, think about the people viewing your workspace. Maybe they prefer to have it. Anyway, it's now up to you, the admin, to disable or enable it. It's enabled by default.


We also improved (hopefully) the navigation of the "Docs" theme. It is now possible to click on a category title to get to the detail view. This was kind of hidden before, as it was only accessible by using the breadcrumb navigation.

We also added an option to collapse all categories by default and only allow one category to be open at a time. This may be handy if you have a very large navigation. You can change this behavior in the "Appearance" settings of your workspaces.