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Dec 12, 2023

File-list, Lifetime plan, UI updates and bug fixes

Today's update brings a lot of smaller improvements to the backend, as well as a new feature and a bunch of bug fixes.


First off, we added a filelist to get an easy overview of images that were added via the editor. You can see how often files are referenced (used within articles) and also delete them if they are not used anymore. You may also copy the link to an image to re-use it in other articles without uploading it again.

With this update, we also separated the export. The workspace export in the workspace settings does not include files anymore. Files can now be exported directly from within the filelist. The export will also include attachments that were added to articles.

In a future update, we will also include article attachments in the filelist for easy reference.

Business Lifetime plan

We also added a "Business Lifetime" plan for people who don't want to subscribe yet to another service. This plan is currently reduced, sort of a "early-bird" special if you will. So grab it while you have a chance.

More about this new plan can be found in our dedicated blogpost.

Bug fixes

We also fixed 7 little bugs, including an issue that would appear in the team list after having more than 15 people on your team. The pagination should now respect a list of more than 15 members.

Also, when an article was indexed for search (= can be found via the search in the frontend) and then disabled again, it would still be searchable and an error 404 (not found) would be thrown when trying to open the article. Our indexer now removes articles that are not enabled anymore.

Many little UI changes

We also changed A LOT of tiny things across the whole backend area. From colors, to spacings, to font sizes - almost every part of the backend was slightly updated or modified.

One last thing...

It is now possible to directly chat with us from within the backend. No need to go to our dedicated help center article anymore. The chat can be enabled and disabled at any time.