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May 14, 2024

We have some exciting news for our "Enhanced Editor" users: the newly released GPT-4o is now available for you to use. GPT-4o is 2x faster than GPT-4 Turbo (which was previously available) and has a knowledge cut-off date of October 2023.

eniston AI Assistant, part of the "Enhanced Editor" add-on
eniston AI Assistant, part of the "Enhanced Editor" add-on

We also fixed a couple of smaller bugs and UI glitches.

Apr 05, 2024

Ever since we launched eniston in 2020, it was possible to use a custom subdomain like help.domain.com.

Over the years, more and more customers asked to use their root domain (e.g. domain.com) as their custom domain for eniston.

As root domains technically cannot have a CNAME record (which is basically just an alias of a domain), it is needed to use an A record that points to a certain IP address. We always avoided going this route because if we ever want to move our platform elsewhere, our IP address would change and customers would need to update their A records or their workspaces would not work anymore.

That being said, we recently moved eniston to a different provider and we don't plan to move again any time soon.

Because of that, we added the possibility to use root domains as custom domain. We updated our setup instructions accordingly.

Mar 16, 2024

Today we fixed a handful of bugs and added minor additions.

You can now see which team member has two-factor authentication activated and who hasn't. In a future update, we will also add an option for admins to force 2FA for all team members.

We also added an option to reset article views. While building and testing your workspace, you automatically generate views for articles when viewing them in the frontend. This data is used for the "Popular articles" view as well as the "Most viewed articles" in the dashboard. You may reset this data from within the workspace settings if needed to get a clean start.

Feb 29, 2024

Today, we shipped a small improvement that will probably reduce our weekly support tickets by ~10%. Ever since we launched our "Team" feature, the process was this:

  • Admin invites member
  • Member receives invite via email
  • Member creates account
  • A default workspace is created along with a 30-day trial
  • Member is confused about the trial notice
  • Member has to actively accept the invite
  • Member has to actively use the workspace switch to access the team he / she was invited to

And yeah, that caused a lot of confusion and admins asking us why members have to pay for eniston. We simply didn't communicate it well enough and had built a process, that was simply confusing. But we learn, we change, and we improve. And no, team members never had to pay anything for as long as they are part of a team.

The new process looks like this:

  • Admin invites member
  • Member receives invite via email
  • Member creates account and automatically joins team

No more manual accepting, no need to manually switch the workspace and hopefully, a lot less confusion on all sides. It's a small change, but we're sure a very needed one.

Jan 20, 2024

One thing that has been requested over and over again was the ability to duplicate an entire workspace. Starting today, this is finally possible.

When duplicating workspaces, all categories, subcategories and articles will be duplicated into a new workspace. Most of the settings will be duplicated as well, but not all. You also have to invite your team to the duplicated workspace, as those are not duplicated.

Those things are not duplicated into the new workspace:

  • Workspace custom domain
  • Workspace team
  • Article ratings and feedback
  • Article shadow categories
  • Related articles

To duplicate a workspace, simply head over to your workspace settings and scroll all the way down. In addition to transferring and deleting a workspace, you now see the option to duplicate the workspace.

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

We also added the possibility to add an additional layer of security to accounts. When set up, a one-time code needs to be entered in addition to regular login credentials. You will need an authenticator app like AuthyMicrosoft Authenticator, or Google Authenticator - the choice is yours.

To enable 2FA, simply go to your account settings and find the section "Two-factor authentication".

Custom scripts

Ever since eniston launched in 2020, we never allowed custom scripts / integrations to be added freely, due to security concerns. Over time, we added many pre-defined integrations that could be easily added to workspaces.

We understand that this is slowing down processes for some of our customers, that is why starting today, custom scripts can be added. We are being notified when custom scripts are added or edited and reserve the right to remove scripts that try to harm the integrity of our platform.

Bug fixes

We also fixes a few smaller bugs, mostly under the hood, but also a couple of styling issues were fixed in the backend.

Dec 21, 2023

Today we shipped a tiny improvement (we hope) for the editor.

The editor now uses the browser's spell-checker and highlights words that may not be correct. It is now also possible to right-click within the editor and access the browser's default context menu.

Dec 12, 2023

Today's update brings a lot of smaller improvements to the backend, as well as a new feature and a bunch of bug fixes.


First off, we added a filelist to get an easy overview of images that were added via the editor. You can see how often files are referenced (used within articles) and also delete them if they are not used anymore. You may also copy the link to an image to re-use it in other articles without uploading it again.

With this update, we also separated the export. The workspace export in the workspace settings does not include files anymore. Files can now be exported directly from within the filelist. The export will also include attachments that were added to articles.

In a future update, we will also include article attachments in the filelist for easy reference.

Business Lifetime plan

We also added a "Business Lifetime" plan for people who don't want to subscribe yet to another service. This plan is currently reduced, sort of a "early-bird" special if you will. So grab it while you have a chance.

More about this new plan can be found in our dedicated blogpost.

Bug fixes

We also fixed 7 little bugs, including an issue that would appear in the team list after having more than 15 people on your team. The pagination should now respect a list of more than 15 members.

Also, when an article was indexed for search (= can be found via the search in the frontend) and then disabled again, it would still be searchable and an error 404 (not found) would be thrown when trying to open the article. Our indexer now removes articles that are not enabled anymore.

Many little UI changes

We also changed A LOT of tiny things across the whole backend area. From colors, to spacings, to font sizes - almost every part of the backend was slightly updated or modified.

One last thing...

It is now possible to directly chat with us from within the backend. No need to go to our dedicated help center article anymore. The chat can be enabled and disabled at any time.

Nov 22, 2023

Today we added two small features, new integrations and also fixed a few bugs.

Read-only role

One highly requested feature after we introduced frontend authentication was a read-only role. Essentially a role that was only allowed to view the frontend (after authenticating), but without any access to edit or even view the workspace backend in any way whatsoever.

This is now possible. Roles can be set to new (invited) users, as well as existing users.

After-save redirect

After saving an article - either as a draft or published, you'll be automatically redirected to the category overview. It is now possible to change this behavior. As an alternative, you can now choose to stay in the article edit view after saving. This is a global setting per user, so if you have multiple workspaces, this change will apply to all of them. To change this setting, go to your account settings at https://eniston.io/settings and find the section "Redirect mode".

New integrations

We also added 3 new integrations:

  • Brevo Conversations
  • ChatNode AI
  • Tawk.to

Bug fixes

And last but not least, we fixed a few bugs. Two of them were pretty annoying if you encountered them.

When changing the title of an article from "A" to "B" and later back to "A", the slug of that article would be changed from "domain.com/category/a" to "domain.com/category/a-1". If you manually linked to that article, a 404 would be thrown. This should be fixed.

We also fixed a bug when creating a new article within a category (not via the + symbol in the sidebar). The active category was not pre-selected and upon saving the article, it would be stored in a different  category (the first one that was created within the workspace). This should now be fixed as well.

Sep 29, 2023

Today we shipped a few new features and lots of minor UI changes across the backend. Most of the UI changes are a reflection of our recent survey. More updates to improve the usability are coming soon.

Duplicate articles

It is now possible to duplicate a single article within a workspace. Set the new (or same) category, define a new title and duplicate. All article settings and attachments will be duplicated.

What about workspaces? We received quite a lot requests via email if it was possible to duplicate an entire workspace. We planned to ship this feature today as well, but it's not quite ready yet. We plan to release this mid October. Stay tuned.

Highlight important resources

Today's update also includes a new section called "Important resources". If you want to directly point your users into a certain direction of most relevant articles or pages, you can now create up to 6 sections that will be shown on the front page of your workspace.

Important resources with the "Default" theme
Important resources with the "Default" theme

You can manage these sections in your workspace settings at eniston.io/base/settings.

Jun 24, 2023

Today we are happy to announce that you can now export your workspaces. This has been requested a lot of times over the last couple of months and today we shipped the first, still experimental, version. Experimental in a way that this may not be the final version and that we will need to monitor exports for large workspaces.

If you need data structured differently, or in a different format, or if you would need further data to be exported, please get in touch with us. We are open for suggestions. Also, please let us know if you encounter any issues.

Improved categories list and workspaces list

We also received quite a few reports that the categories list becomes hard to use when you have lots of categories. We now have moved the list from an overlay to a scrollable side-panel. We also improved the way workspaces are shown in the workspaces list, specifically, when you have more than ~8 workspaces created.

Some other minor UI changes were made across the backend as well.

May 22, 2023

Today we added a small addition to the backend: Articles Overview. This allows you to get a list of all articles across all categories in one view.

May 10, 2023

Today we updated a few behind-the-scenes processes and fixed a bunch of things. We also updated the underlying software versions to their latest versions.

Additional workspaces

We recently increased the available workspaces in our "Business" plan from 8 to 10. While this should be sufficient for most customers, some just need a little more and have been asking us to increase the limit even further. For those customers, we added the possibility to add more workspaces via a one-time purchase, no recurring costs.

To add more workspaces to your account, simply head over to the new "Add-ons" settings.

Fixed GIF uploads

We made some adjustments to file uploads and improved the way GIF files are handled. They should now remain animated and not lose the animation anymore.