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Apr 18, 2024

Today we released an update that fixes 8 small bugs. Those were mostly behind the scenes, like slow queries and errors during background jobs.

It is now also possible to rename subcategories. Finally, right? We know that this has been long overdue, sorry it took so long.

Mar 16, 2024

Today we fixed a handful of bugs and added minor additions.

You can now see which team member has two-factor authentication activated and who hasn't. In a future update, we will also add an option for admins to force 2FA for all team members.

We also added an option to reset article views. While building and testing your workspace, you automatically generate views for articles when viewing them in the frontend. This data is used for the "Popular articles" view as well as the "Most viewed articles" in the dashboard. You may reset this data from within the workspace settings if needed to get a clean start.

Jan 21, 2024

Yesterday we upgraded our systems to the latest versions and missed to upgrade some underlying dependencies. That was causing errors when uploading images via our editor. This is now fixed.

Dec 14, 2023

Today's update brings a few improvements to the "Articles" list, as well as a choice for the default view mode (Dark / Light / System) and two bug fixes.

Articles list

The "Articles" list provides a quick glimpse into all articles that exist within a workspace. It is sorted alphabetically by default. Due to quite a few requests, we added a new view that will allow you to group those articles by category. The view preference is stored in the current session and will eventually reset to the default sorting.

Default view mode

Dark mode, light mode, system preference... everyone has different preferences and some change during the day. The default mode for the frontend view (where you and visitors view your workspaces) has always been light mode. Visitors were able to switch to dark mode if they preferred.

That switch still exists and won't go anywhere. But we added a new option to the "Appearance" settings that allow you to set the default mode. Visitors will still be able to use the toggle to switch the mode however they prefer. This is stored in the browser's local storage, and if a preference was already set by a recurring visitor, changing this value in the settings won't overwrite it.

Bug fixes

We also fixed a bug that would throw a server error when a draft article had a shadow category assigned. Draft articles don't appear in the frontend, but we missed a little where clause in our database query that would allow them to sneak in when shadow categories were loaded. This is now fixed.

Another bug we fixed was causing paginations to miss track of which page you were on. So when going back and forth, at some point, an error 404 would be thrown. Really weird, but yeah, that is now also fixed.

Dec 12, 2023

Today's update brings a lot of smaller improvements to the backend, as well as a new feature and a bunch of bug fixes.


First off, we added a filelist to get an easy overview of images that were added via the editor. You can see how often files are referenced (used within articles) and also delete them if they are not used anymore. You may also copy the link to an image to re-use it in other articles without uploading it again.

With this update, we also separated the export. The workspace export in the workspace settings does not include files anymore. Files can now be exported directly from within the filelist. The export will also include attachments that were added to articles.

In a future update, we will also include article attachments in the filelist for easy reference.

Business Lifetime plan

We also added a "Business Lifetime" plan for people who don't want to subscribe yet to another service. This plan is currently reduced, sort of a "early-bird" special if you will. So grab it while you have a chance.

More about this new plan can be found in our dedicated blogpost.

Bug fixes

We also fixed 7 little bugs, including an issue that would appear in the team list after having more than 15 people on your team. The pagination should now respect a list of more than 15 members.

Also, when an article was indexed for search (= can be found via the search in the frontend) and then disabled again, it would still be searchable and an error 404 (not found) would be thrown when trying to open the article. Our indexer now removes articles that are not enabled anymore.

Many little UI changes

We also changed A LOT of tiny things across the whole backend area. From colors, to spacings, to font sizes - almost every part of the backend was slightly updated or modified.

One last thing...

It is now possible to directly chat with us from within the backend. No need to go to our dedicated help center article anymore. The chat can be enabled and disabled at any time.

Nov 22, 2023

Today we added two small features, new integrations and also fixed a few bugs.

Read-only role

One highly requested feature after we introduced frontend authentication was a read-only role. Essentially a role that was only allowed to view the frontend (after authenticating), but without any access to edit or even view the workspace backend in any way whatsoever.

This is now possible. Roles can be set to new (invited) users, as well as existing users.

After-save redirect

After saving an article - either as a draft or published, you'll be automatically redirected to the category overview. It is now possible to change this behavior. As an alternative, you can now choose to stay in the article edit view after saving. This is a global setting per user, so if you have multiple workspaces, this change will apply to all of them. To change this setting, go to your account settings at https://eniston.io/settings and find the section "Redirect mode".

New integrations

We also added 3 new integrations:

  • Brevo Conversations
  • ChatNode AI
  • Tawk.to

Bug fixes

And last but not least, we fixed a few bugs. Two of them were pretty annoying if you encountered them.

When changing the title of an article from "A" to "B" and later back to "A", the slug of that article would be changed from "domain.com/category/a" to "domain.com/category/a-1". If you manually linked to that article, a 404 would be thrown. This should be fixed.

We also fixed a bug when creating a new article within a category (not via the + symbol in the sidebar). The active category was not pre-selected and upon saving the article, it would be stored in a different  category (the first one that was created within the workspace). This should now be fixed as well.

Oct 06, 2023

Today we released a small bugfix that mostly impacted newly created accounts. An error was thrown when attempting to create a new article without first creating a category. There has to be at least one category in a workspace to be able to create an article.

Apologies for the bad start to those this bug impacted.

May 21, 2023

Today we performed a few server upgrades that took a bit longer than anticipated. It was scheduled to be around 1 to 3 minutes, but took around 15 minutes. But the good news is that the server is now faster and more secure.

We also fixed a bug with accounts that are within the 30 days trial. First off all, the trial days were not counted down, that is corrected now. So some accounts will see a bigger drop in remaining trial days within the next hours. Another related bug was that trial accounts were not fully recognised as such and the affected knowledge bases only showed a maximum of 2 categories. This has also been fixed.

May 10, 2023

Today we updated a few behind-the-scenes processes and fixed a bunch of things. We also updated the underlying software versions to their latest versions.

Additional workspaces

We recently increased the available workspaces in our "Business" plan from 8 to 10. While this should be sufficient for most customers, some just need a little more and have been asking us to increase the limit even further. For those customers, we added the possibility to add more workspaces via a one-time purchase, no recurring costs.

To add more workspaces to your account, simply head over to the new "Add-ons" settings.

Fixed GIF uploads

We made some adjustments to file uploads and improved the way GIF files are handled. They should now remain animated and not lose the animation anymore.

Jan 01, 2023

Happy new year! 🎉

We received some reports that there were lots of duplicate invoices generated, which in some cases resulted in 288 invoices generated for one single payment. This was due to an issue in the way we handled payment webhooks. This issue was introduced in a November 2022 update. No actual charge was conducted for those duplicates.

We fixed the issue and removed all duplicate invoices from the affected accounts.